Vessels Purposed For The HONOR Of GOD Deliverance Intl Ministries!!!!



Relax!  Take a moment for yourself!  Bask in the presence of the HOLY SPIRIT! Our prayer is that you will be tremendously blessed and experience GOD in a way that you never have!


This Ministry is designed for those who have voluntarily adopted a lifestyle of celibacy in order to give themselves more completely to GOD'S work. If celibacy has been a struggle for you we encourage you to join us here so that we can be a blessing to you as you endeavor a closer walk with GOD! 



HEAVENLY FATHER, HOLY and RIGHTOUS in judgement, we rejoice in our thankfulness of YOU. We rejoice in the awesome WORKS YOU have done. We rejoice because of YOUR  FAITHFULNESS.  ABBA today YOUR daughters & sons decree and declare nothing shall permanently hinder us in living Holy set-apart lives to YOU. Today YOU shall continue to fight for us and every evil word or device will not prevail or stand against us. We will not yeild to worldliness in word nor work. In the face of adversity and persecution YOU have caused the SPIRIT within us to burn hot and made our foreheads like flint so that we can forge ahead in YOUR WILL. We aknowledge that YOUR purpose and plan for the life we now live is devine and consist of steps YOU have set in order. The HOLY SPIRIT shall lead and comfort us as we walk in YOUR ordered steps. Disbelief and doubt shall roll down our sheild of faith like rain on a window pane. We will continue to abide in your presence which is enthroned in the praises of YOUR people. We will continue to study and maditate in YOUR WORD that we may fully grow and continue to prosper. According to THY WILL be it so in heaven and earth AMEN!

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